September 22,2023 @ 04:19 pm    to   September 24,2023 @ 04:19 pm


Join me for two special classes at TempleFest, an annual festival hosted by the Temple of Witchcraft.

Stones of the Fae
Throughout history certain rocks and gems have been connected to faery myth and lore. Crystal castles in the Hills, ever-glowing gems, and stones bearing unusual forms feature heavily in faery lore. Join crystal expert Nicholas Pearson for a deep dive into the crystals thought to attract, protect from, and better connect to the Fair Folk.

Floral Heart of Faery: The Magick and Medicine of Foxglove
The foxglove is a toxic plant oft-connected to the magick and lore of the Fair Folk. This genus of plants embodies a litany of paradoxes: they both harm and heal, banish and bless, and open the door from the material to the mystical. In this interactive class you’ll discover several varieties of foxglove, explore their traditional lore and magic, learn about foxglove flower essence, and enjoy a guided journey with the deva of foxglove.

Learn more and register at https://templeofwitchcraft.org/templefest/templefest-registration/

Event Information

September 22,2023 @ 04:19 pm
September 24,2023 @ 04:19 pm
crystals, flower essences
in person

Event Organizer

Temple of Witchcraft

Event Venue

19 Harrington Rd, Charlton, 01507, Massachusetts