Level 1 Reiki Training Online (Sunday Afternoon Session)

January 21,2024 @ 01:00 pm    to   February 18,2024 @ 03:00 pm

Level 1 Reiki Training Online (Sunday Afternoon Session)

Reiki is a healing art and spiritual practice beloved by millions of people around the world. The word Reiki can be translated as “universal energy,” “mysterious presence,” “spiritual power,” or even “the energy of the universe.” It is a simple and profound method that brings body, mind, and spirit into balance with ease. Practitioners receive empowerments called reiju (also called initiations or attunements) to become Reiki practitioners.

Shoden, meaning “entrance teachings,” is the original name for the first-degree Reiki training. The first degree of Reiki focuses on the practice of healing oneself and others, developing energetic sensitivity, and learning the history and theory of Reiki. Many people experience profound healing as a result of their first-degree training.

This live, online Reiki course is offered in five two-hour sessions. Replays are available to registered participants for a limited time.

Pre-requisites: none

Needed materials: Students will need a copy of Foundations of Reiki Ryoho: A Manual of Shoden and Okuden (Healing Arts Press, 2018) to complete required reading for the course. Discounted copies are available from Nicholas, or you may purchase from your preferred retailer.

Note: This class will be recorded, and replays are available to registered students for a limited time. Students are required to attend four out of five sessions and complete all coursework in order to receive their certificates.

Shoden training includes:

  • The nature and meaning of the Reiki kanji (靈氣)
  • An overview of the system of Usui Reiki Ryoho and the many forms practiced today
  • In-depth Reiki history, from the beginning to today
  • The meaning of the Five Principles and their power to change your life
  • The original Japanese Reiki techniques of Usui and Hayashi
  • How to provide effective treatments for yourself and others
  • Using Reiki for first aid
  • Reiki meditations and exercises to purify, align, and strengthen your energy field
  • Additional tools and practices for healing

Participants receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Supplemental handouts and instruction
  • Five reiju (initiations or attunements) to empower students and initiate them into the lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Hands-on practice time for self-care, instruction for one-on-one and group Reiki treatments
  • Resources for continuing education, professional development, and further exploration of Reiki
  • Ongoing support from Nicholas

Nicholas combines decades of experience in the healing arts with his deep love for the system of Reiki to offer unique, in-depth classes that transform your perspective of Reiki. You’ll receive the insight he’s gained from traveling around the world to study and practice many styles of Reiki as he guides you to experience the spiritual heart of this sacred practice for yourself. Whether you are new to Reiki or a seasoned practitioner, training with Nicholas offers new perspectives and wisdom from the heart of the system of Reiki.

Course Overview

Week 1 (January 21, 1:00-3:00 PM):

  • Defining Reiki and understanding the Reiki kanji
  • Introduction to the human energy field and tanden (energy centers)
  • Receive enkaku reiju (“remote attunement”)
  • Connecting to Reiki
  • Japanese Reiki techniques: gassho meditation, kenyoku ho (“dry bathing”), and the Reiki Shower
  • Steps for self-treatment and self-healing meditation

Week 2 (January 28, 1:00-3:00 PM):

  • The Reiki Precepts, the principles that guide the system of Reiki
  • Practicing the Five Precepts in Japanese
  • Receive enkaku reiju (“remote attunement”)
  • Japanese Reiki techniques: hatsurei ho (“method for increasing Reiki”)
  • Self-treatment practice, Reiki and manifestation

Week 3 (February 4, 1:00-3:00 PM):

  • Reiki History, an overview of the historical, cultural, and social contexts our of which Reiki was developed, shared, and globalized
  • Receive enkaku reiju (“remote attunement”)
  • How to offer Reiki to others
  • Japanese Reiki techniques: koki ho (healing with the breath), gyoshi ho (healing with the gaze)

Week 4 (February 11, 1:00-3:00 PM):

  • Energetic feedback in your hands (Byosen)
  • Finding the source of imbalance
  • Receive enkaku reiju (“remote attunement”)
  • Japanese Reiki techniques: byosen reikan ho (scanning for byosen), reiji jo (intuitively locating imbalance)

Week 5 (February 18, 1:00-3:00 PM):

  • How to Run a Reiki Session
  • Documenting a Reiki Session
  • Understanding regulations about Reiki
  • Receive enkaku reiju (“remote attunement”)
  • Japanese Reiki techniques: tanden chiryo (treating the energy centers), heso chiryo (navel treatment), and more

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January 21,2024 @ 01:00 pm
February 18,2024 @ 03:00 pm
online, recorded

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