Frozen in Stone – Fossils, Folklore, and Magic Symposium

June 01,2024 @ 09:33 am    to   June 01,2024 @ 09:33 am

Frozen in Stone – Fossils, Folklore, and Magic Symposium

Hosted by Annwyn Avalon

Featuring Presenters…

  • Annwyn Avalon
  • Nicholas Pearson
  • Brett Hollyhead
  • Ashley Levy
  • Moss Mathey

Fossil Formation: The History and Science of Understanding Fossils (30 Min)

Fossils once presented an enigma to those who encountered them, and the tales told to explain their occurrence range from nearly scientific to outright superstition. In the early 19th century, the study of fossils crystallized into the nascent science of paleontology, which would reveal the nature and origins of these mysteriously formed stones. Join author and mineral expert Nicholas Pearson for a brief survey of the history of fossil-collecting and how fossils form. 

Amber & Jet: Fossil Gems of the High Priestess (60 min)

Long before recorded history, two unusual stones were prized by the magic makers of the Stone Age. Amber and jet are both organic gems of fossil origins; because of their similar luster, comparable weight, and being found in the same kinds of environments they have developed parallel imagery as complementary stones. Join Nicholas Pearson for an exploration of luminous and celestial virtues of amber and the nocturnal, chthonic qualities of jet. Together we will understand how they work together to strengthen your inner magickal power.

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June 01,2024 @ 09:33 am
June 01,2024 @ 09:33 am

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Water Witchcraft (Annwyn Avalon)

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