Fluorescent Crystals (Patreon Exclusive)

December 12,2023 @ 07:00 pm    to   December 12,2023 @ 08:30 pm

Fluorescent Crystals (Patreon Exclusive)

Some minerals display an optical property called fluorescence, an effect in which they literally glow or emanate light under the right conditions.

Fluorescent minerals bring hidden or suppressed energies into view. They are often profoundly healing at the spiritual level because they remind us to shine as brightly as they do.

Join me next month for an exclusive masterclass on fluorescent minerals. Learn about their chemistry, occurrence, and practical uses alongside the spiritual symbolism and unique applications for fluorescent minerals and their otherworldly colors in crystal healing.

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December 12,2023 @ 07:00 pm
December 12,2023 @ 08:30 pm
online, recorded

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