Elestial Crystals: Tiools of Angelic Guidance, Healing & Transformation

September 14,2023 @ 02:00 pm    to   September 14,2023 @ 04:30 pm

Elestial Crystals: Tiools of Angelic Guidance, Healing & Transformation

Elestial crystals are powerful tools of inner and outer healing. These eye catching quartz formations that exhibit complex patterns and unusual
structures have become some of the most sought after crystals for healing, but they are often greatly misunderstood or misidentified.

NOTE you can download the workshop and watch after the event.

In this livestream workshop, you will;
πŸ’« Learn to identify elestial crystals and related formations, like cathedral lightbraries, fenster quartz, skeletal crystals, and more
πŸ’« Explore the science behind elestial crystal structures and learn how they form
πŸ’« Discover the symbolism, meaning, and lore of elestial crvstals
πŸ’« Practice meditations and techniques for accessing the power of elestials for healing and personal growth
πŸ’« Investigate different varieties of elestial crystals from around the world
πŸ’« Journey to meet the guardian angel of elestial

Join bestselling author and internationally recognised crystal expert Nicholas Pearson on the Thursday 14th September at 19:00 BST

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September 14,2023 @ 02:00 pm
September 14,2023 @ 04:30 pm
online, recorded

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