Crystal Healing for the Inner Child

December 15,2022 @ 02:00 pm    to   December 15,2022 @ 04:00 pm

Crystal Healing for the Inner Child

In this 2-part masterclass, award-winning author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson joins us live from his HQ in Florida, guiding you into the depths of your heart and soul to heal your inner child with the help of the mineral kingdom. 

Within your spiritual heart dwells your inner child, that childlike part of your psyche informed by the experiences of your early years. For many of us, the inner child is wrapped in layers of pain and trauma. 

The real nature of spiritual healing addresses these burdens to relieve and release the wonder and potential of the inner child. Crystals are powerful catalysts for healing that can magnify the efforts to achieve wholeheartedness through healing the inner child.

In this livestream 2-part masterclass, you will:

  • Discover the love and joy of your inner child
  • Explore the crystals best suited to reaching and revealing your inner child
  • Work with crystals to promote love, forgiveness, and compassion
  • Explore the spiritual nature of the heart
  • Learn tools and techniques to release old patterns, live more fully in the present, and embrace positive change

Join Nicholas for this powerful two-step healing journey to connect with your inner child, rediscover your joy and reclaim your true identity.

You will receive:

  • Two powerful livestream masterclasses with Nicholas
  • Links to both video recordings
  • A College certificate

Event Schedule

There are 2 sessions for this event

1Thursday 15th December 20227:00pm – 9:00pm UK Time
2Thursday 22nd December 20227:00pm – 9:00pm UK Time

Additional Time Zones:

  • US Eastern Standard Time: Thursday 15th December 2022 at 2:00 PM
  • US Pacific Time: Thursday 15th December 2022 at 11:00 AM

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This 2-part masterclass will be recorded. Links to the video recordings will be available for replay to those who book. Please see our terms for more information.

Event Information

December 15,2022 @ 02:00 pm
December 15,2022 @ 04:00 pm

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The College of Psychic Studies