Crystal Fakes and Frauds

March 14,2023 @ 07:00 pm    to   March 14,2023 @ 08:30 pm

Crystal Fakes and Frauds

Join author and world-renowned crystal expert Nicholas Pearson for a brief discussion of how to spot crystal fakes, forgeries, and other frauds on the market. Nicholas will share his expertise from hands-on experience gathered through three decades of collecting and his previous work in the earth science field.

Participants will:

  • Learn the difference between synthetic, simulated, and treated gemstones
  • Break down the processes used in the most popular crystal treatments and enhancements
  • Get acquainted with trustworthy resources for learning about geology, gemmology, and mineral science to better identify fakes and frauds
  • Enjoy a slideshow with examples of crystal fakes to learn to spot the difference themselves
  • Participate in Q & A

Replay will be sent out within 48 hours. Buy a ticket or attend for free by subscribing to Patreon.

Event Information

March 14,2023 @ 07:00 pm
March 14,2023 @ 08:30 pm
online, recorded

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The Luminous Pearl

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