Crystal Energy Revealed

August 10,2023 @ 08:00 pm    to   August 10,2023 @ 09:00 pm

Crystal Energy Revealed


Join author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson to explore how crystal energy works and how to harness it. We will dive into the magic and mystery of minerals, discovering how crystal structures influence energy fields, learn how and why crystals work, and more. Nicholas will guide you through foundational practices including cleansing and programming crystals, and will help you connect more deeply to the consciousness within any stone.

Participants are invited to have their favorite stones available to use for practice and meditation during this program.

This class will be streamed on Youtube.

Event Information

August 10,2023 @ 08:00 pm
August 10,2023 @ 09:00 pm
online, recorded

Event Organizer

The Theosophical Society in America