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Crystals for Better Boundaries

From time to time we all need a little help with our boundaries. You might experience a drain in pesonal energy from spending time at work or running errands. Or it might be that you have a hard time saying “no” when you have too much on your plate. It could even be that you absorb what your friends and family feel, leaving you overwhelmed or agitated from even otherwise mundane interactions. When this happens in my life, I usually see it as a reminder to revisit some basics of psychic self-defense, and I always turn to my crystals for better boundaries on every level: psychic, energetic, and social.

One of my all-time favorite stones for better boundaries is labradorite (pictured above). This luminous gemstone helps to filter out unhelpful and foreign energy, information, and other psychic noise. It simultaneously helps you be more perceptive, thereby enabling you to better show up for those in need without taking on their energies or emotions. It’s great for everyday wear because it doesn’t feel too heavy or isolating. I love using labradorite to create psychic shields, too–a technique I’ll be teaching in my class with the College of Psychic Studies!

Another gem that I love for better boundaries is bronzite. This metamorphic rock is truly one of the unsung heroes of the mineral kingdom. It helps us cope with feelings of burnout, overwhelm, and disconnection, especially during periods of transition. Often celebrated for its ability to impart tact and discernment, this gemstone helps us discover sources of harmful, deleterious, or intrusive energy, and it is adept at returning them to their source so you no longer have to bear the brunt of their influence in your life.

The jasper family is also wonderful for protection and better boundaries. Jaspers are a form of quartz, and they stabilize and fortify the body, mind, and spirit. With the help of jasper, you’ll feel less depleted, have a little more optimism, and be willing to say “no” when you need to. This gem has a truly ancient lineage of warding off evil, and it makes a wonderful protective ally that guards against energy vampires and psychic attack.

There are so many other great stones to turn to for support when you need better boundaries, and I hope you’ll check out Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, hosted by the College of Psychic Studies on September 20 & 27, to learn more about how crystals can help us cultivate better boundaries.

You can buy a signed book, sign up for one of my upcoming events, or join my Patreon.

By Nicholas Pearson

Acclaimed author and teacher, Nicholas Pearson, is among the foremost experts on crystals. He combines an extensive background in mineral science with his love of healing, spirituality, and folklore to illustrate the healing properties of gemstones. Nicholas is also an avid Reiki practitioner and instructor with a deep interest in the roots of Reiki.



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