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The Luminous Pearl

Nicholas Pearson

The Luminous Pearl

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Crystal Grids for Manifestation, Protection, & Healing

 06 October, 2023 at 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm Eastern Time. 386 Merrimack St #1A, Methuen, Massachusetts, United States

One of the most innovative and powerful ways to use crystals is by making crystal grids, geometric arrangements of stones that can be used for energy healing, attracting abundance, and manifesting your heart’s desire. Grids are both a delight to the eyes and a means of harnessing the power of the mineral kingdom. They draw […]

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Shinpiden: Reiki Master Training in Methuen, Massachusetts

 07 October, 2023 at 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Eastern Time. 386 Merrimack St #1A, Methuen, MA, United States

Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden (Third Degree & Master/Teacher Training) $850 Reiki is a healing art and spiritual practice beloved by millions of people around the world. The word Reiki can be translated as “universal energy,” “mysterious presence,” “spiritual power,” or even “the energy of the universe.” It is a simple and profound method that brings […]

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Crystals for Ancestral Healing

Encoded deep in your body, mind, and spirit, you’ll find the patterns inherited from your ancestors. These energies, beliefs, and lessons shape your life, often without your knowing. Join award-winning author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson to learn how the power of crystals can catalyse ancestral healing and release what holds you back.  Revealing, connecting to, […]

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Aqueous Alchemy: The Magick and Medicine of Crystal and Gemstone Elixirs

Hosted by Bewitching the Waters Symposium Water is a remarkable substance, existing in a liquid crystal mesophase and demonstrating the qualities of transformation and memory. These traits enable water to carry the essence and healing energy of crystals and gems, offering us deeper healing and communion with both water and stone. Join award-winning author, crystal […]

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Angelic Crystals: Talismanic Gems and the Magic of the Angels

Angels and gemstones are closely linked in many spiritual traditions, and there is lore ascribing various gemstones to the angelic realms that can be traced back thousands of years.  In this special online masterclass, author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson will guide you through the celestial sphere and reveal the most powerful gems for angelic […]

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Join me for two special classes at TempleFest, an annual festival hosted by the Temple of Witchcraft. Stones of the FaeThroughout history certain rocks and gems have been connected to faery myth and lore. Crystal castles in the Hills, ever-glowing gems, and stones bearing unusual forms feature heavily in faery lore. Join crystal expert Nicholas […]

Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Are you prone to taking on the energies and emotions of those around you? Do you suspect you may be an empath or highly sensitive person? Discover how to use crystals for healing, protection and spiritual hygiene in this 2-part livestream workshop.  Today’s world can be hard to navigate, especially for empaths, highly sensitive people, and those of […]

Online Reiki Share September 2023

Reiki is a spiritual practice celebrated the world over as a technique that reduces stress and catalyzes the body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive practice that anyone can do–it only requires an initiation or attunement (called reiju in Japanese) to perform. Each month Nicholas offers a free online Reiki share to […]

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Previous Courses


  • Ascension Stones: Crystals of Light & Transformation
  • Citrine Masterclass
  • Co-Creating with Crystal Skulls
  • Cosmic Crystal Skulls
  • Crystal and Gem Elixirs
  • Crystals and the Evolving Earth
  • Crystal Healing and Sacred Geometry
  • Crystal Basics: from Spirit to Science
  • Crystal Healing for the Chakras
  • Crystal Healing for the Heart
  • Crystal Healing for the Inner Child
  • Crystal Healing Techniques
  • Crystal Pendulums for Healing & Divination
  • Crystal Personalities
  • Crystal Skulls: Evolutionary Tools for Healing and Higher Consciousness
  • Crystal Vision: Developing Intuition with Crystals and Gems
  • Crystal Witchery: Crystal and Gemstone Magick for the 21st Century
  • Crystals for Karmic Healing
  • Crystals for Kids
  • Crystals for Psychic Self-Defense
  • Crystals for Stress Relief
  • Crystals for the Resistance
  • Doorways of Stone and Bone: Crystal Skulls as Portals to the Spirit World
  • Gems of Abundance: Crystals for Wealth, Success, and Sovereignty


  • Decoding Crystals: a six-week course
  • Gems of the Angels
  • Hands-On Crystal Healing
  • Healing with Crystal Elixirs and Flower Essences
  • Holy Gems & Healing Crystals: The History of Lapidary Medicine from the Ancient World to Today
  • Lapis Lazuli Masterclass
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals: Ancient Wisdom for The Modern World
  • Lithium Crystal Masterclass
  • Making Crystal Wands
  • Manifesting with Crystal Grids
  • Mineral Science for Metaphysical Stores
  • Moldavite: Myth, Magick, and Mystery
  • Obsidian Masterclass
  • Quartz Masterclass
  • Quest for the Luminous Stone: Luciferian Arcana of the Mineral Kingdom
  • Rhodonite Masterclass
  • Sinister Stones and Toxic Crystals: The Poison Path and the Mineral Kingdom
  • Selenite Masterclass
  • Stars and Stones: Crystals, Birthstones, and Astrology
  • Stones of Your Landscape: Their Medicine, Magic, & Myth
  • Stones of The Goddess: Crystal Healing to Connect to the Divine Feminine
  • Storied Stone: Listening to the Language of Crystals


  • Usui Reiki Ryōhō Shoden (First Degree)
  • Usui Reiki Ryōhō Okuden (Second Degree)
  • Usui Reiki Ryōhō Shinpiden (Third Degree & Teacher Training)
  • Foundations of Reiki: Experience the Energy of the Heaven and Earth
  • Exploring the Japanese Reiki Techniques
  • Shamanic Roots of Reiki
  • Shamanic Heart of Reiki: Tools & Techniques for Ecstatic Healing
  • Reiki Symbols Revealed
  • Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners (with Leah D’Ambrosio)
  • Monthly Online Reiki Share

Flower Essences

  • Flower Essence Alchemy: a 6-week course
  • Flower Essence Magick: Ritual & Spellcraft 
  • Communicating with Plant Spirits and Flower Devas
  • Baneful Medicine: Transforming Trauma with Flower Essences Made from Poison Plants
  • Poison Plant Essences
  • Healing with Wildflower Essences
  • Florida Flower Essences